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Listen to CJNU Your Way

If you're in Winnipeg, turn your radio dial to 93.7 FM - or tune us in on Channel 725 MTS-TV. If you live outside Winnipeg or are experiencing reception difficulties, you can listen to us in live streaming audio over the Internet. Choose the format you prefer, click on its logo to start the streaming audio, then enjoy the nostalgia sounds of CJNU.

Click here to hear CJNU on Windows Media Player    Click here to hear CJNU on Real Player  
Click here to hear CJNU on Winamp    QuickTime logo - click for audio feed

If the first icon you click on doesn't start the feed for you, we suggest you try one of the other players shown above. For most people, if one player doesn't work properly, one of the other three will.

Other Easy Options

If you're having problems getting the above players to work for you, CJNU streaming audio is also available from several independent sources. One is Tunein. Another option is Streema. These streaming audio feeds will often work when the options above aren't working on your computer.

If you have issues or comments concerning our streaming audio feed, please feel free to contact us by email.

Smartphone and Tablet Users

If you'd like to listen to listen to CJNU on your mobile phone, Android device or tablet, one of the easier ways to do so is to download the free app available from Tunein. The download page that provides apps for a number of different devices is at http://tunein.com/mobile/

The faces of some of the announcers you'll hear on CJNU

Montage of some of the announcrs you'll hear on CJNU