CJNU AGM- Tuesday April 24th, 2018

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CJNU AGM – Tuesday April 24th 2018 Below is the official notice of Nostalgia Broadcasting Cooperative’s Annual General Meeting. Below you will find a copy of the revised CJNU by-laws, which will be presented to our members for their approval at our AGM on April 24th 2018 at the Sturgeon Heights Community Centre. Members, please take a moment to review … Read More

Currie’s Corner 606 – March 15, 2018


Currie’s Corner 606 –  March 15, 2018 It will be interesting to see how the Trudeau Liberals do in their pledge to reduce or possibly even eliminate the wage gap between men and women in workplaces that fall under federal jurisdiction. A major sector is banking. I actually went into a bank a couple of weeks ago. My debit card … Read More