CJNU presents Asper Jazz Рweekday evenings at 7pm. Join us in the coolest club in town, for an hour of incredible jazz from legendary performers Рall on one bill.

Asper Jazz features music from the CJNU Jazz Library – built upon the personal record collection of the late Israel (I.H.) Asper, generously donated to the station by the Asper family. Every show features a memorable moment, story, or interesting musical tidbit – as shared by David Asper, Gail Asper, or ‘Izzy’ himself via archival recordings.

Below you’ll find the most recent set lists, so you can check out all of the artists and songs featured on the show. Missed a show? You can find everything broadcast over the past four weeks at the CJNU Archives and listen again any time. No cover charge!

We’ve got your usual table reserved – so grab something chilled from the bar and have a seat.


Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide playlists – our apologies for the inconvenience