CJNU is heading to the Misericordia!


Above: the MHC Campus – where old meets new!

By Helen Harper

In 1898 four Misericordia Sisters arrived in Winnipeg from Montreal to care for abandoned children as well as single mothers and their babies. They soon realized the increasing needs from the community and moved to two and the half acres of land between Sherbrook and Maryland and established the Winnipeg Maternity Hospital. They also started a school of nursing. The graduates were well respected and highly sought after, primarily due to their faith-based training.
To this day that faith-based mission brings additional value to the Misericordia Health Centre’s clinical excellence and continues to set them apart from other facilities.
With all the massive changes that have gone on in our city with the phases of “Healing out Healthcare System,” Misericordia has adapted and taken on the challenges with the Sisters’ motto in mind “compassion of the heart for those in need.”
Misericordia is home to three provincial programs not found elsewhere in Manitoba: the Eye Care Centre of Excellence, the Sleep Disorder Centre and the Provincial Health Contact Centre with flagship program Health Links – Info Santé. MHC is a leader in healthy aging with a campus of care including Misericordia Place Personal Care Home, Transitional Care Units, Scheduled Respite Care and PRIME – a health centre for seniors.
The Misericordia Health Centre Foundation was incorporated in 1983. Since then, the Foundation has provided funding for patient care, the acquisition of technologically-advanced equipment and for specific projects. The Foundation funds equipment and programs not currently funded by government dollars; it provides funding to accelerate the acquisition of equipment or to start new programs.
The Foundation’s next exciting events are their gala on November 14 at the RBC Convention Centre and their famous Angel Squad early morning on December 3 and 4.
It is good to know the Misericordia Sister’s Mission of compassionate care for the vulnerable – serving these often disadvantaged patients who have complex health and social issues – is still being met and fully addressed by the staff and volunteers at this Health Centre.
CJNU looks forward to our visit for the month of October and chatting with some of the movers and shakers of this facility.

For more information about Misericordia’s Foundation, please call 204-788-8458, or visit misericordiafoundation.com.