CJNU welcomes “The Gardener”! Starting Sunday April 2nd


The host of popular radio show ‘The Gardener’, Dorothy Dobbie, has decided to move her program to CJNU 93.7FM, Nostalgia Radio, Winnipeg’s community radio station. The transition will take place the first Sunday in April.

The show, which previously aired on CJOB, grew to become the number one show on weekend radio in Winnipeg. “I have loved being at CJOB these many years,” Dorothy said, “but as a member of the CJNU board of directors, I have felt conflicted about broadcasting for another station for some time. Now CJNU is growing very rapidly and I feel the obligation to help it grow even more.” CJNU Station Manager Adam Glynn said “We’re thrilled to welcome Dorothy to the on-air team at CJNU! ‘The Gardener’ is going to be the perfect way to start your Sunday.”

Starting April 2, 2017, Dorothy’s new show will be heard at 93.7 FM at its listeners’ favourite time of 8:00 am Sunday mornings, with the format remaining largely the same as before. There will be live interviews with expert garden guests and the opportunity for listeners to phone or email the show with questions. One small twist: each weekly guest will be asked to choose four songs from the CJNU library, affording listeners a glimpse into another facet of the guest’s personality.

You will be able to phone in your questions to the show by calling (204) 942-CJNU (2568) on Sunday mornings; or send an email anytime to [email protected]

About The Gardener and Dorothy Dobbie

Dorothy Dobbie, a former member of Parliament and long time magazine publisher, is the owner of the Local Gardener series of subscription and newsstand based magazines, Manitoba Gardener, Ontario Gardener and Alberta Gardener. This is her 20th year of producing Manitoba Gardener. The Local Gardeners have just been awarded Garden Media of the Year by the Canadian Garden Council at the conference in Toronto.