CJNU’s new board and executive for 2019-20


We are pleased to announce the CJNU Board Of Directors for 2019/2020 as elected at the AGM 8 May, 2019

Jan Currier
Dorothy Dobbie
Gil Forrest
Christopher Golden
Jim Ingebrigtsen
Dwight MacAulay
Ernie Nairn
James Pappas
Grant Patterson
Lawrence Prout
Alex Regiec
Wayne Rogers
Karen Smith
Cathy Stephens
Mike Tanasychuk

Following the AGM , the new CJNU Board Of Directors met to elect the Officers for the upcoming year.

By acclamation, Dorothy Dobbie, Mike Tanasychuk and Chris Golden were elected respectively to the positions of Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

With there being no nominations for President, the Board enacted by-law 211(c) of the Cooperatives Act and appointed Tom Dercola to the position for a twelve month term.