Currie’s Corner 639, July 19, 2018

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Currie’s Corner 639,  July 19, 2018

What do you think, can the first Canadian to travel in space find a solution to our problem of finding a way to travel from town to town on the ground? Justin Trudeau shook up his cabinet a little this week, but former astronaut Marc Garneau is still the Minister of Transport. The Prime Minister has handed him the Greyhound file.

The bus company which has been moving us for decades, has served notice that those bus rides will no longer be offered on the prairies when Halloween rolls around. They say it’s a business that is no longer ‘sustainable’, and it’s a blow that will make life difficult for lots of people who don’t drive cars. There used to be a pretty good option in Saskatchewan. It was a publicly-owned bus company started decades ago by Tommy Douglas. Before he walked away from the Premier’s office in Regina, Brad Wall killed off  STC, saying it no longer made sense to subsidize rides for people. By that measurement, we should probably stop providing water and electricity to small neighbourhoods where the money coming in is no where near what’s needed to cover the costs. Maybe we should shut down police departments that don’t write enough tickets to pay for themselves.

In addition to ending passenger service before the snow flies, Greyhound is also scrapping its freight service on the prairies. They have presented very little in the way of detailed evidence to justify either move and it really makes you wonder.

Led by Manitoba, all four western provinces are asking the American-owned company to extend service by at least two more months while possible solutions are explored. That’s appropriate because Manitoba manufactures more buses than just about any other jurisdiction in North America. Buses are part of the ‘green energy’ solution to climate change. Were the folks at Greyhound just not paying attention ? .

Go for it spaceman ! We’re counting on you.

I’m Roger Currie