Currie’s Corner 644, August 2, 2018

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Currie’s Corner 644,  August 2, 2018

Have you noticed that journalists are an endangered species, but there are still some important people who care, for now ? I remain proud to call myself a journalist, and it still gives me a bit of a shiver to observe the ‘stable genius’ who masquerades as the 45th President of the United States.

It is slightly comforting to see that Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka does not agree with Dad that “the press are the enemy”, and I wish her well as she moves on from the fashion industry.

Then I read about what Canada’s newest Premier is up to. Twas bad enough that Toronto had to endure the total embarrassment of having the late Rob Ford as its mayor, but now we have brother Doug as Premier ? Rather than merely sitting on a golden throne and ranting about the media on Twitter as Trump does, the Ontario Premier is taking things to a whole new level. His government is cranking out slick propaganda videos at taxpayers expense. Political staff are showing up at news briefings and bursting into loud applause to drown out reporters when they try to ask questions that might prove difficult.

It all began during Ontario’s recent election campaign that saw Ford Nation take over Queens Park, sweeping aside Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals. There was no campaign media bus, and almost no substantial interviews. Like Trump, Premier Doug and his people have already been caught in a growing list of downright lies. At the annual Premiers conference in New Brunswick last month, the Ford regime announced that Ontario would be joining Saskatchewan in taking the Trudeau Liberals to court over the national carbon tax plan, and oh yes, Manitoba’s Brian Pallister would be on board also.

Not so. Pallister used taxpayers money to get a legal opinion that said such a legal case would most likely be a loser.

Ontario used to be regarded as a leader in this country in many ways, just as the United States used to be a leader in the world. The times they are a’changing.

I’m Roger Currie