Remembering Vimy – 100 Years On

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CJNU will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge – one of the most successful battles of the First World War. It was a defining moment in Canadian history, and a step toward nationhood.

On Friday April 7th, tune in to CJNU throughout the day for “A Minute About Vimy”. At :38 minutes past each hour, between 7am and 6pm, you’ll be able to hear commentary on Vimy from Retired Lieutenant General Ray Crabbe.

Retired Lt. General Ray Crabbe

And on the anniversary of the start of the battle, Sunday April 9th, CJNU’s Garry Moir will present an interview with former Member of Parliament, the Honourable Bill Blaikie – whose grandfather fought at Vimy. The first part will air shortly after 11am, and the second part shortly after 2.

The Hon. Bill Blaikie

CJNU is proud to remember the events of Vimy, and recognise Manitoba’s large contribution to this moment in history so crucial in Canada’s coming of age.