CJNU is getting ready for the summer, with some changes in our schedule. With the coming of Goldeyes baseball, some of our regular programming is going on vacation for the summer, and other shows are moving to new times.

Listen to this promo to find out more about some of the changes that are coming as of the first week in May! A full rundown of the changes can be found below.

The following shows will be going on vacation in the summer, and returning to CJNU in the fall:

  • Music Just for You, presented by Dave Hargrave and Tom Bryant
  • Cream of Country, presented by Dave Hargrave and Tom Bryant
  • Radio Classics
  • The Saturday and Sunday encore editions of This is Music with Chuck Southcott
  • The Wednesday evening presentation of Denny Farrell’s Original Big Band Showcase
  • Malts, Mustangs and Memories with Tom Dercola and Chadd Cawson

The following shows will still be on the air, but in new time slots:

  • This is Music with Chuck Southcott – Weekday mornings at 6am
  • River City 360 with Robert Zirk and Nolan Bicknell – Thursday afternoon at 12pm, with an encore edition on Saturday morning at 8am
  • Boomertown with Roger Currie and Barry Bowman – Friday afternoon at 12pm
  • Community Champions with Grant Patterson – Tuesday afternoon at 12pm
  • Dick Clark’s Rock Roll and Remember – Saturday nights at 11pm
  • Music from the North Shore with Greg Gardner – Sunday evenings at 7pm
  • Golden’s Oldies with Chris Golden – Sunday evenings at 9pm
  • Denny Farrell’s Original Big Band Showcase – Sunday evenings at 11pm

The following shows are NEW to the CJNU schedule for the summer:

  • Around Midnight with Lorne Kearns and Paul Richl – Monday to Thursday nights at 11pm (or at the conclusion of Goldeyes baseball)
  • Denny Farrell’s Late Night Chicago – Friday night at 11pm
  • The Gardener with Dorothy Dobbie – Sunday mornings at 8am

For a full run down of the new look schedule each day, be sure to check schedule page of the website – which will always be updated with the most recent changes.