Winnipeg Goldeyes Games to Broadcast on CJNU




A significant milestone for Community Radio CJNU, 93.7 FM


January 18, 2016

Dear volunteers, members and sponsors;


We value all of you as true friends of Nostalgia Broadcasting Cooperative, and we’re pleased to share this very special moment with you. For the next three seasons, CJNU will be the radio home of the Winnipeg Goldeyes. We will be the play by play voice of all pre season, regular season and playoff games of what has become Winnipeg’s most popular summer entertainment. More details in a moment.

It was in December 2006 that CJNU, ‘the little station that could’, hit the local airwaves with 40 watts of power, thanks to a handful of determined volunteers led by the late Garry Robertson. Seven years later in 2013, we graduated from operating under temporary monthly permits from Industry Canada, to a fully licensed broadcasting operation under the jurisdiction of the CRTC. At the same time, our transmitting power was increased to 450 watts at 93.7 on the FM dial.

The story of CJNU has moved forward thanks to several very valuable partnerships. None has been more valuable than the one with the Winnipeg Foundation. In 2014, that partnership enabled us to move into a new permanent home in the heart of Winnipeg, on the 13th floor of the Richardson Building at Portage and Main.

In 2015, we continued to expand our community activities, through host sponsorships, community partnerships and more.  We began to detail this activity each month on the pages of Lifestyles 55, published by Dorothy Dobbie’s company, Pegasus Publications.


All of this has helped CJNU to evolve into an even more vital link on Winnipeg’s media landscape, ready to take another significant step forward, broadcasting Goldeyes baseball games. The present day Goldeyes were started in 1994, and since 1999 they have been a major attraction at the Forks, playing their games at the beautiful Shaw Park in the historic heart of downtown Winnipeg.

We want to take this opportunity to assure all of our listeners and friends that Goldeyes Baseball will not alter our prime focus that has made us your favourite radio station. The baseball broadcasts, with play by play announcer Steve Schuster, will run from May 10th through the Labour Day weekend, and hopefully beyond into the American Association playoffs. Most games will be played after 6pm and on Sunday afternoons. Some of our regular programming will require some rescheduling, and the nostalgia music that CJNU is known for, will always be available online at even when baseball is being broadcast on the air.


This partnership with the Winnipeg Goldeyes is attractive for several reasons. It will bring CJNU to a broader and more diverse listening audience which can only enhance the overall experience for everyone.  It will provide promotional opportunities that will make more Winnipeggers than ever aware of the unique programming of CJNU.  And it will generate valuable new revenue to support our ongoing broadcasting operation and our community partnerships.


Radio and baseball have a remarkable 95 year history together.  Now CJNU can participate in this long and happy tradition with the Winnipeg Goldeyes.  We hope you will enjoy this new addition to the CJNU summer broadcast schedule.

Let’s Play.


Tom Dercola, President                                      Bill Stewart, Manager


Featured photo includes:

Andrew Collier, Goldeyes General Manager

Bill Stewart, CJNU Manager

Ernie Nairn, CJNU Broadcaster and sports expert

Tom Dercola, CJNU President

Steve Schuster, the voice of the Goldeyes

Roger Currie, CJNU News Director