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Where the Memories Live On

93.7 CJNU Nostalgia Radio is your memories station 24-hours day. Much of our broadcast day features easy listening music from the 1940s, '50s, '60s and '70s, but every day there are also special programs. Sundays at 4:00 and Wednesday evenings at 7;00, 'The Original Big Band Showcase' with Denny Farrell brings you the music of the big bands past and present. Friday evenings at 7:00, 'Music From The North Shore' with Greg Gardner jogs your musical memories with pioneers of '50s rock ‘n’ roll such as The Everly Brothers and Gene Vincent, and '60s pop from The Animals to The Zombies and everything in between. If you miss the song or artist name of something he plays, after each broadcast Greg posts his playlist on Facebook - where a live dialogue occurs during the show. He also takes request by email. Sunday through Friday evenings at 9:00, it's Radio Classics, rebroadcasts of the best of radio's Golden Age programs. Check out our Feature Programs page for more.

First Fish Recipe

Every Wednesday afternoon during his three to six o'clock shift, Jim Pappas, in cooperation with the Gimli Fish Market, is giving fish recipes on the air. The first week's recipe was for salmon in filo. In the following weeks, Jim will provide recipes for many different species of fish and seafood, prepared in ways sure to tempt every palate. After hearing a recipe on the air, if you want to try preparing it yourself, we'll make it easy by posting a step by step recipe on this website. View salmon filo recipe.

Do You Remember...

folding camera circa 1930s

...when you took a picture, you used a camera, not a phone or tablet? Cameras that folded to make them compact and rugged when not in use were popular from 1900 to about 1945.


Speakers Bureau

If your club or group needs a guest speaker for an upcoming event, CJNU can provide such a person. "The Little Station That Could" can send one of our volunteer staff to tell the story of CJNU, our history, and our unique approach to radio programming. Details.

Host Sponsor

Our host sponsor and studio location during September is Kiwanis Chateau where Life Lease is your key to affordable comfort and convenience in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. If you're 55 or better, consider a bright, spacious condo-style home at Kiwanis Chateau.

Be A Member

A membership in Nostalgia Broadcasting Cooperative is just $40 for the first year, $25 in subsequent years. Besides helping keep us on the air, you'll receive updates on happenings at CJNU, a vote at members' meetings, and an invitation to special events. Apply Now