The majority of CJNU programs are now archived and available for streaming on demand. The show names and timeslots listed below are those which are typically aired on CJNU – but, of course, the schedule is subject to change. For the most up to date listings, please check the schedule page, which also links directly to the archived shows each week.

The CJNU Archives were made possible thanks to the support of the Community Radio Fund of Canada.

6-7am – This Is Music with Chuck Southcott 
7-9:30am – Ken Porteous 
9:30am-Noon – Roger York with Paul Richl 
Noon-12:30pm – Prairie Vaudeville with Grant Simpson 
12:30-1pm – Music from the CJNU Legacy Library
1-3:30pm – Jim and Carol Nowell/Aengus Kane 
3:30-6pm – The CJNU Drive Home Show with Ernie Nairn 
6-7pm – Music Just For You 
7-8pm – Asper Jazz
8-10pmMusic from the North Shore with Greg Gardner
11pm-Midnight  Late Night Chicago with Denny Farrell 
Midnight-6am – Music from the CJNU Legacy Library