The People Who Make CJNU Possible


Working Behind the Scenes

Adam Glynn
Station Manager

Dan Mitchell
Office Assistant

Monika Franz-Lien  Cindy Kelly  Heather Robbins
Office Support

Frank Stecky
Creative and Production Coordinator

Doug Bumstead
Production Assistant

Chris Stevens
Marketing and Development Manager/Partnership Development

Tom Dercola
Sales Team

Tom Scott
Sales Team

Susan Earl
Volunteer Coordinator

Sheila Down
Membership Coordinator

Mark Havens, Stephane Teffaine, Rick Scherger, Charles Salina
Technical Wizards

Jean Loiselle
Broadcast Engineer

Newsletter Editorial Team

Robbi Goltsman-Ferris   Editor

Content Contributors/Writers

Corinne Danard
Art and Design

Hellen Harper  John Perrin   Monique Lacoste  David Northcott
Committee Support


On Air and Production

Merry-Sue Adair-Gill

Doug Andrews

Ron Arnst

Scott Balneaves

Barbara Best

Scott Best

Tom Bryant

Lance Burdett

Chris Caslake 

Greg Cooper

Tom Dercola

James Dykstra

Denny Farrell

Glenn Firth

Vic Gaggini

Adam Glynn

Susan Hamilton

Dave Hargrave

Chris Hearn

Wells Heinrichs

Herb Henson

Aengus Kane

Lorne Kearns

Rod Kozak

James Lenting

John Maclise

Sherill Mathes

Dan Mitchell

Garry Moir

Carol Nowell

Jim Nowell

Maria Olinyk

Lucas Oravec

Ryan Osentowski

Grant Patterson

Naomi Penner

Bill Perlmutter

Ken Porteous

Tiffany Prochera

Chris Reid

Paul Richl

Pamela Roz

Charles Salina

Kim Scherger

Rick Scherger

Al Shpeller

Grant Simpson

Jeff Sinnock

Lyle Smordin

Jim Snell

Raymond Sokalski

Frank Stecky

Bill Stewart

Patrick Stewart

Sheldon Stier

Stephane Teffaine

Bruce Toews

Jim Tomko

Tracy Tymm

Larry Updike

Joe Webb

Romey Whitwell

Drew Williams

Roger York


Studio and Broadcast Assistants

Joyce Allen

Nolan Bailey

Frances Biela

Jackie Blonski

Janet Brady

Agnes Brydon

Pat Cartwright

Chris Collier

Anna Maria Colman

Heather Diaz

Thea Firth

Gail Graham

Krystal Harland

Gail Henderson Brown

Adam Johnston

Bev Klym

Norma Konrad

Linda Lamb

Rissa Lang

Josette Lukowycz

Marilyn Lyons

Birnie McIntosh

Casey McKay

Carson Mellon

Bob Migliore

Pat Migliore

Jeff Rouse

Bev Smith

Shaila Sood

Helga Stecky

Shirley Strain

Gay Sul

Linda Thacker

Stacey Traynor


Our Team

Scott Best  – Announcer

Since the age of four, I have loved Nostalgia music. Radio was a large part of my life. I would wake up to Don Percy, Cliff Gardner or Jack Wells every morning and imagine what it would be like to be a broadcaster. My favourite spot on the dial was a little Nostalgia station called CKVN. In December 2006, I was thrilled to hear about the launch of CJNU. I had done some work for Kelvin High’s in-school radio station, but I never thought I had enough experience for them to give me a second look – or should that be listen. Thankfully, they did, and I am proud to be an announcer, former board member, and member of the cooperative. CJNU has given me the opportunity to combine my two passions: the magic of radio and the most magical music I’ve found anywhere. When I’m not working with CJNU, I’m a writer for the Manitoba Government. I’m looking forward to an exciting career as a writer, broadcaster, or both. When I retire, I hope to work full-time, here at my favourite radio station!


Jackie Blonski – Studio Assistant

I had retired from 35 years of office work when I joined CJNU. I had also spent six years in the field of recreation with older adults. My volunteer experience includes Neighborhood Watch, the Luxton Play Centre, VoicePrint (online review service) and McClure United Church. I’ve always been heavily involved in the community and with my love of music, I’m now very happy to be a part of CJNU. CJNU is a perfect fit for me and I enjoy answering phones for the station and helping with CJNU special events.

Tom Bryant  – Announcer

After over 43 years in broadcasting, I retired in 1998.  My career began in 1955 at KFYR in Bismarck, then I spent 4 years at CJOB AM-AM and CJQM AM-FM in Winnipeg, short stretches at a couple of other stations, and almost 32 years at WSM (home of the Grand Ole Opry) in Nashville, Tennessee.  I thought that would be my final curtain call, but when CJNU-FM was in the planning stages I was invited to participate in ‘the little station that could’. I have served in many capacities on CJNU-FM, but am probably best known as host of “Music In The Night” and “Music Just For You”, along with hundreds of commercial messages and promotional announcements.  Through the magic of digital technology, I am able to do all voice recording at my home in Nashville, and immediately transfer it digitally to the station.  My contributions to CJNU allow me to remain active in broadcasting as well as contribute to a unique broadcast format which truly considers the interests of its listeners.


Agnes Brydon   – Broadcast Assistant

Prior to retirement, I was an Accounting Clerk 2 with Manitoba Lotteries for twenty years. I have been actively involved with the Scottish Community for over 45 years in various capacities and still dance. I have been with CJNU for the past ten  years where I am responsible for monthly sponsors, guest interviews, reconciliation of the live broadcast log sheets, training and scheduling of telephone volunteers, office finances as well as answering the studio phone every Wednesday.

Wayne Bruce – Announcer

I come from a very musical family. I have wanted to work in radio. I hung around CJOB where I met Garry Robertson who let me sit in with him while he was on the air. I was a timpanist with my high school band and the Greater Winnipeg School Orchestra and drummed with the Ron Paley Band, although my main instrument is the piano. I trained as a Registered Nurse working in many areas in many areas including Intensive Care specializing in Cardiac Care. I have always kept my affinity for music and now enjoy a wide range of nostalgic sounds – classical, jazz, big bands, rock and roll from yesterday, and many songs from the Great American Songbook – just like we play at CJNU.

Lance Burdett – Announcer

I found my way to CJNU after a 35 year career at Manitoba Hydro’s Information Technology division. Prior to that, I had graduated from both the Electronic Technology and Computer Analyst Program courses at Red River College. My hobbies include electronics, computers, playing bass guitar, and running half-marathons. My wife Erin and I have two daughters and two grandchildren. Volunteering at CJNU had been a very good experience that allows me to give back to the community while learning new skills and meeting new people. I get great satisfaction seeing the public come up to the radio hosts and expressing their love of the music on CJNU.

Susan Earl – Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteering at CJNU is one of my many activities; I also enjoy quilting, painting, and reading. I love all genres of music – especially musicals of the 60s and 70s, and the singing of Dean Martin. I share my life with my partner Bryan and our cat Osca; I am a retired nurse, with 42 years experience in cancer, burn, and elder care. I have a master’s degree in health care administration and I’m a board member of The Firefighters Burn Fund. I’m happy to do my part in keeping “nostalgia” music alive. I’ve always been very committed to supporting our community, and I feel there’s no better way to demonstrate that then by being involved at CJNU radio.

Adam Glynn  – Station Manager, Announcer

I started my broadcasting career at volunteer run Radio Harrow in North-West London, providing entertainment and public service announcements. For five years, I presented a variety of programs, read news bulletins, and for a time served on the board. Subsequently, I worked with the BBC and some of Britain’s leading commercial stations, providing traffic news reports. Locally, I’ve also freelanced with the Canadian Traffic Network. My musical tastes are broad and eclectic – I favour the 60s era and have a great love of The Beatles. I also enjoy instrumental music, particularly film scores and television themes. I’ve been a volunteer with CJNU since 2013 – currently hosting “The Full English Breakfast” every Sunday morning from 9am-12pm; and have been working in the office as the Station Manager since November of 2016.

Denny Farrell – 

Denny Farrell is a Big Band Hall of Fame Inductee and Winner of the national Ballroom & Entertainment Association’s Award for his outstanding radio shows. Denny is one of Chicago’s “very own.” Denny Farrell is rated as one of the top broadcasters in the world in his very distinctive format that combines swing, sweet, Dixieland and Jazz. Denny’s background is like a Who’s Who in the big band and jazz industry. Announcing chores have tied him to such greats as Count Basie, Tony Bennett, Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, Sammy Kaye, Bob Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Ralph Marterie, Harry James, Benny Goodman, Buddy Rich, Guy Lombardo, Maynard Ferguson, Mel Torme, Ella Fitzgerald, Red Norvo, Helen Forrest, Peggy Lee, Artie Shaw, Johnny Desmond, Tex Beneke, Ray Eberle, Buddy Morrow, The Glenn Miller Orchestra with Larry O’Brien, the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra with Lee Castle, only to name a few. Denny Farrell’s Original Big Band Showcase covers all of the great Big Bands and Jazz Groups of our times from the Roaring Twenties, 30’s 40’s 50’s and today. The Original Big Band Showcase is broadcast around the world on various AM and FM radio stations along with the internet and is considered the best link to the past with door wide open to the future for top quality musicians and artist. “Come on into the Old Study – what can I play for you?”

Susan Hamilton –  Announcer, Scheduler

Upon retirement I volunteered at CKVN and was also a volunteer/broadcaster at the short-lived AM station CJML. Gren Marsh and Johnny Murphy encouraged me to try broadcasting.   I was scared green at first, but the fact that I love music and wanted to share it with others, kept me going. It was a great day when Garry Robertson got a few of us together in the fall of 2006 to try one last time to get a nostalgia station up and running. Ten years later we are still on the air. I have never had so much fun as I have working as a broadcaster and scheduler at CJNU.

Dave Hargrave  – Announcer

I often say that I’m an electrician by trade, a music lover at heart.   I began my electrician apprenticeship in 1961, before becoming a Journeyman with the City of Winnipeg in 1969. I progressed through the ranks until 2000, when I retired as a foreman. In the mid-60s I began playing music at dances and socials, first for my own company and then with Garry Robertson Music.   Sharing a love for great recordings, I came to know Garry very well. When he and a few others decided to inaugurate nostalgia radio – the forerunners of CJNU – I contributed many songs from my own vast collection. I’m very pleased to have donated a large part of the CJNU music library – particular for the Cream of Country and Music Just for You programs. In the last two years, our station has benefitted greatly from contributions of CDs from the families of broadcasters and other loyal members of CJNU. I’ve gladly spent many hours at home transferring our “legacy” music to computer and preparing it for use on the air. The station has been a significant part of my life for almost a decade.

Aengus Kane – Announcer

Aengus Kane comes from The Rock. An avid lover of a vagabond existence, Aengus has learned over the decades that music both nourishes the soul and liberates the mind to travel through time and over great distances. He has settled in Winnipeg (the Paris of the Prairies) until the next quest for a life well lived presents itself. Aengus treasures CJNU’s power to invigorate and inspire our listeners through the music of yesteryear. He savours delivering warmth, humour and history while the denizens of Winnipeg rendezvous with reminiscences of their own sojourns on this little blue marble we call Earth. Aengus has found his little slice of heaven right here in Winnipeg at CJNU. Meet you wherever you listen to Nostalgia Radio!!

Lorne Kearns – Announcer

I was born in Montreal and lived there for the first 40 years of my life. I majored in economics at Loyola College, and in 1956 I joined the CN marketing department. After bouncing around to several locations I was transferred in Winnipeg in 1983.   Starting in 1996 I spent the next seven years managing The Farm Business Centre at The Canadian Wheat Board. After retirement I did a fair bit of volunteer work, finally landing at CJNU; I started out answering the phones and taking song requests. I married my late spouse Geraldine in 1963; it was a marriage that produced two beautiful daughters, and I now have two great sons-in-law and four fabulous grand-children. My interests are varied; I coached minor spots for years, did a little amateur theatre and was Vice Chair of The Baldwin-Cartier School Board in Montreal. I have only one regret – giving up piano to play in the NHL (we all know how that turned out.) My real passion, though, has always been music – it always played a significant part in our family life. While my musical tastes are eclectic, I favor the big band era. I’m so grateful to CJNU for giving me the opportunity to share great music with such a wonderful and loyal listening audience.

Linda Lamb, Broadcast Assistant

Having grown up on a farm in Treherne, in the 60’s, I remember the radio was always on. I listened to Elvis, the Beatles, Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison. Having retired from a career in Continuing Care, I was thrilled to discover Nostalgia Music and CJNU. I immediately volunteered. The genuine feel of live radio is exhilarating. I enjoy volunteering at CJNU, it’s a lot of fun, and sometimes listening to 93.7 seems like the only normal and familiar thing in our chaotic world today. Listen, relax, and enjoy.

Josette Luckowycz, Broadcast Assistant

I’m originally from Bissett, Manitoba; like many people then, my family did not have television growing up…but we did have radio. My fondest memories are of spending many hours listening to the radio, acting out the songs and being totally enraptured by stories read “just to me” by the voice over the airwaves. In other words, the radio truly was a “friend.”   I earned my degree in social work in 1975 and worked in the field until my retirement in 2009 – it was an extremely rewarding career. I continue to be involved in my hometown; I’m the membership chairperson for the Bissett & Area Historical Society and a member of the Hearing Panel for the Vulnerable Persons Commission of Manitoba. I’m also very pleased to be part of the CJNU family – I serve as the Volunteer Committee Chairperson. In all the best ways CJNU allows me to bring together my favorite memories, interests and skills. I thank my husband Neil for being the one who suggested I listen to this radio station “that plays the kind of music you like.”

Garry Moir, Announcer

Garry has had a career in broadcasting that spans more than 45 years, which includes work at CBC radio and several other private radio and television stations. He has served as a correspondent for Maclean’s magazine, a contributor to Time magazine, and broadcasting instructor at Red River College. Garry has written extensively about local broadcasting history including a book titled On the Air: The Golden Age of Radio in Manitoba.   At CJNU, Garry is a part time newscaster and produces the daily “History Vault.”

Carol Nowell, Announcer

I have spent my whole life enjoying music. As a little girl, I sang on the sound track of a puppet show of Peter Pan. I joined in all the school choirs I could, as well as Winnipeg Girls Choir. At Kelvin High School, I took lead roles in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas ‘The Goldoliers’ and ’Yeoman of the Guard’. Right out of High School, I was asked to join the Neil Harris Singers on ‘Swingalong’. This association with the Neil Harris Singers continued for 40 years, including 13 years at the Hollow Mug. I sang on CBC’s Hymn Sing and performed with the Manitoba Opera Chorus for 15 years.

I was part of a company called “A La Carte Productions” which wrote and produced banquet and convention entertainment. This led me to arts administration. I managed the Winnipeg Singers and the Winnipeg Philharmonic Choir, where I enjoyed planning concerts and taking the choirs on tours to Germany, Austria, Toronto and New York.

For fifteen years I was Executive Assistant to the President of the Business Council of Manitoba, and managed the Aboriginal Award Program, helping Aboriginal students attend university and community college.

Now, I am enjoying putting together shows for CJNU with my husband Jim, and sharing my love of music with our sons, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren.

Jim Nowell – Announcer/Operator

I came from a musical family. My Dad played piano, entertaining us with music that spanned the decades. My aunt was an organist and ran a music store. My sister, Mary, sang on CBC TV in the 60’s and 70’s. I married into a musical family as well. I spent many hours attending rehearsals and performances at the CBC and at the Hollow Mug where my wife Carol sang. Carol has performed with numerous choirs and the Manitoba Opera Association. Needless to say, I heard lots of great music. CJNU is my first experience in front of the microphone thanks to Don Milne who invited me to the studio. I am enjoying the opportunity to select and play some of my favorites on 93.7 FM. Carol and I have recently teamed up and she announces while I operate the controls.

Carol and I have two sons, John and Glen. We are proud grandparents and enjoy opportunities to be with our three grandchildren. All enjoy music.

I worked for 34 years in the Winnipeg School Division, in elementary, junior high and high school. The last 11 years were as a Teacher-Librarian. I have drawn on my flying experience to provide half-day flight workshops for Grade 6 students after I retired.

I have had a lifelong interest in steam powered equipment. I operate steam traction engines and locomotives and instruct in steam schools in the United States and in Manitoba. My book, Steam Traction Engineer’s Checklist, is used by a number of steam schools. I am past president of the Steam Association of Manitoba. You will often find me at the Prairie Dog Central Railway maintaining Steam Locomotive #3.


Grant Patterson, Announcer

I retired from a 36-year career as a teacher and principal a few years ago, and signed on with CJNU in the fall of 2013.   As a youngster my father helped me build a crystal set, which I used to listen to distant radio stations late at night. In high school I salvaged an old TV antenna to pull in KYTN from the States. Easy listening music and radio have been part of my life from those early times. I started at CJNU as a weekly announcer, and am now a regular on-air host. I am part of a team working to rebuild the CJNU Legacy Library. I chair the Programming Committee and serve as coordinator of the Host Sponsorship program. I’m also a member of the CJNU Board, so the station keeps me busy! Serving listeners with the music we all love, and providing a platform for community radio allows me to contribute to the unique organization and experience that is CJNU.

Ken Porteous, Announcer

I grew up in a musical household – mom and dad always had the radio on or records playing on the old phonograph (yes, 78s) so the love of music was ingrained in me at an early age. I got a set of drums at 16 and played in various combos during the 1960s. I even considered going professional but broadcasting took me down another path. My best friend Rick Hallson worked at 58 CKY radio and I would drop in at the station to watch him work. He urged me to get in the business, so I took a broadcasting course and sent out demo tapes. In 1969 I landed an entry-level position at CFAR in Flin Flon, where I was an announcer, producer and newscaster….I also swept the floors! In 1972 I got the break of a lifetime; a friend at Toronto’s CHUM radio recommended me and I got a job as an all-night operator at the number one radio station in Canada. While there I got into the music programming end and learned even more about the business. In 1975 I moved back to Winnipeg to be Production Manager at CFRW/Q-94 FM. After a brief return to Toronto (and after my daughter was born) I came back to Winnipeg for good. Radio is a very transient business, so I worked for several stations with varying formats before retiring in 2005. Radio was still in my blood, though, so when CJNU got its permanent licence in 2013, I quickly joined in – first working the phones, then becoming an operator/announcer. The staff here is phenomenal and we all love “oldies” music.   We think our audience is the greatest – without their support, we wouldn’t have the wonderful sounds of nostalgia radio in Winnipeg.


Paul Richl,  Announcer

I have a great love of music, and have been playing in bands for almost forty years. My aunt and uncle were involved in radio in Winnipeg for many years – so it seemed only natural that I would eventually wander into a studio!

Since starting at CJNU in February of 2016, I’ve learnt a great deal from some of the best in the business. As the station continues to grow, I look forward to playing more great music from our extensive library of classic songs.


Jim Snell   Operator, Music Library Curator

I am a retired actuary who loves music.   My music tastes are somewhat eclectic but I would say Big Band music is my favorite.  I have sung in a couple of choirs and currently play a clarinet in a couple of concert bands.  I learned of CJNU from Owen Clark.  I volunteered as a phone operator in 2014 and became an operator early in 2015.

Ross Thompson

I previously had a fulfilling career as a Fish and Wildlife Biologist with Manitoba Natural Resources. Latterly, I was a community and economic development specialist for the Province before retiring in 2003. I was Mayor of Stonewall, Manitoba for three years; during my tenure I chaired the town’s Community Round Table. Subsequently I became Manitoba’s Manager of Community and Northern Development, facilitating community planning in rural and northern communities. I also organized strategic planning sessions with communities and organizations across Manitoba and in Nunavut. I hold a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development from the University of Manitoba and was an instructor in facilitating and strategic planning at the University’s Planning School. I’m also a past-President of CJNU Nostalgia Radio. I still live in Stonewall with my wife Lynne and our cockapoo Molly. We enjoy the proximity of our three children and five grandchildren; in our spare time, we like campground hosting and RVing.


Larry Updike, Announcer

Joe Webb – Announcer

My beginnings in radio aren’t quite the same as most who started in the business. I got my first taste of broadcasting during a work experience program in high school. Years later – at age 38 – I decided to return to school and took the radio/television course at Robertson College. I did my practicum at CKVN, which turned into my first job in radio. There were some rough moments at first, but I was tutored by some of the best announcers in broadcasting, including Murray Parker and Jim Coghill. There have been many technological changes and format variations through the years, but my love of the music remains the same. I enjoy being a part of CJNU very much, and I hope to be in the business for many years to come.

Roger York – Announcer

I was an ordained minister of religion and part of my work was for the communication division where I was involved in both radio and TV. I come from a very musical family, a love passed from generation to generation. Having played the piano, I learned guitar later in life and played with the youth groups in the church, putting on services and learning the protest songs of the 60’s and 70’s. I have since joined CJNU. Not being a “Techie” and having done announcing previously, I have found my niche in doing the 9:30 am to Noon Friday show, RY-crisp. All I can say is that I love it.