The People Who Make CJNU Possible

The people listed on this page are the people who work on-the-air and behind the scenes to make CJNU Nostalgia Radio possible. Most are volunteers – all contribute to our success because of their love of the music CJNU presents. Where you see a ‘Bio book’ beside a name, click on it to see a short biography and photo of that person.

On Air and Production

Justin Baraniuk

Scott Best

Wayne Bruce

Tom Bryant

Brett Buckingham

Doug Burack

Lance Burdett

Carter Campbell

Chadd Cawson

Roger Currie

Tom Dercola

Nancy Drake

Greg Gardner

Adam Glynn

Chris Golden

Susan Hamilton

Dave Hargrave

Herb Henson

Macaulay Kalyn

Lorne Kearns

Amanda McLeod

David McLeod

Dennis McVarish

Glen Miller

Garry Moir

Don Milne

Ernie Nairn

Jim Nowell

Carol Nowell

John Panting

Jim Pappas

Grant Patterson

Ken Porteous

Alex Regiec

Paul Richl

Rick Roschuk

Carolyn Sabourin

Rossita Schau

Lyle Smordin

Jim Snell

Frank Stecky

Bill Stewart

Matt Tamblyn

Harry Taylor

Pam Tennant

Jim Tomko

Larry Updike

Joe Webb

Don Willcox

Melody Windsor

Ken Wray

Roger York

Working Behind the Scenes

Sheila Down


Christie Donaldson
Creative and Production Coordinator

Susan Earl
Volunteer Coordinator

Bruce Alpers

Sharon Beaumont

Jackie Blonski

Thorey Blow

Marnie Bolland

Gail Henderson Brown

Agnes Brydon

Owen Clark

Lucy Drury

Thea Firth

Merry-Sue Adair-Gill

Gail Graham

Jemma Harrison

Helen Harper

Wendy Hart

Vi Bjarnason-Hilton

Cory Jackson

Harvey Keselman

Joanne Knudson

Norma Konrad

Donnie Krahn

Linda Lamb

Rissa Lang

Josette Lukowycz

Casey McKay

Bob Migliore

Pat Migliore

Marilyn Regiec

Trish Schell

Margaret Sheridan

Bev Smith

Betty Sparber

Shirley Strain

James Sytnick

Stacey Traynor

Frank Wade

Board of Directors

Tom Dercola

Adam Glynn
Station Manager

Dorothy Dobbie

Bill Perlmutter

Jan Currier

Carrie Diacos

Gil Forrest

Jim Ingebrigtsen

Jaye Langdon

Stuart Murray

Ernie Nairn

Grant Patterson

Jim Pappas

Wayne Rogers

Lyle Smordin

Cathy Stephens

Larry Updike

Meeting Secretary: S. Down

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Nostalgia Broadcasting Cooperative (CJNU 93.7 FM) is not-for-profit, community service cooperative and a part of a team dedicated to providing our listeners with the nostalgia music they want. CJNU values all contribution.

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Justin Baraniuk

Justin BaraniukI’ve been involved with CJNU since 2010. I started with the physical tasks of moving records and equipment, and soon became involved with production work. After earning an audio engineering diploma in 2012, my duties at the station increased to daily programming, office IT and other admin related functions. In my spare time you might find me fishing, playing guitar, exercising, or riding my motorcycle. I love learning new things and plan to return to school in the future.

Scott Best

Since the age of four, I have loved Nostalgia Scott Best - Copymusic. Every day, my grandparents would bring me home from school, and on the way, they would entertain me with the music of Patsy Cline, Dean Martin, or Max Bygraves. While I enjoyed the normal children’s fair from Fred Penner and Raffi, there seemed to be something special about that Frank Sinatra guy my parents always listened to.

Radio was a large part of my life as well. I would wake up to Don Percy, Cliff Gardner or Jack Wells every morning and imagine what it would be like to be a broadcaster. My favourite spot on the dial was a little Nostalgia station called CKVN. I had been a loyal listener since I was seven, so I was somewhat disheartened when they went off the air.

In December 2006, I was thrilled to hear about the launch of CJNU. I noticed that they were looking for members to be apart of their cooperative. Sadly, I couldn’t be one, as I was not 18 yet. I had done some work for Kelvin High’s in-school radio station, but I never thought I had enough experience for them to give me a second look – or should that be listen. Thankfully, they did, and I am proud to be an announcer, former board member, and member of the cooperative.

CJNU has given me the opportunity to combine my two passions: the magic of radio and the most magical music I’ve found anywhere. I have learned a lot from some top-notch broadcasters and met a lot of top-notch people too.

When I’m not working with CJNU, I’m a writer for the Manitoba Government. I’m looking forward to an exciting career as a writer, broadcaster, or both. When I retire, I hope to work full-time, here at my favourite radio station!

Jackie Blonski

I had retired from 35 years of office work when I joined CJNU; I had also Jackie-Blonskispent six years in the field of recreation with older adults. My volunteer experience includes Neighborhood Watch, the Luxton Play Centre, VoicePrint (online review service) and McClure United Church. I’ve always been heavily involved in the community and with my love of music, I’m now very happy to be a part of non-profit nostalgia radio – CJNU is a perfect fit for me, and I enjoy answering phones for the station. *** I also help with CJNU special events. ***

Wayne Bruce

I come from a very musical family, with many of us playing some kind of P1010681_3musical instrument – piano, guitar, fiddle, French horn, saxophone and drums. Since junior high school days I wanted to work in radio. I used to hang around CJOB, and that is where I met Garry Robertson – he let me sit in with him while he was on the air. During this time I was a timpanist with my high school band and the Greater Winnipeg School Orchestra. I later drummed with the Ron Paley Band, although my main instrument is the piano; I’ve been playing now for 55 year. I became a Registered Nurse and worked as an RN in many areas – spinal cord injuries, trauma, urology/nephrology, plus cardiac/vascular/thoracic surgery. Further education qualified me to become an Intensive Care Unit Nurse, working mainly with cardiac patients. I always kept my affinity for music, though, and now enjoy a wide range of nostalgic sounds – classical, jazz, big bands, rock and roll from yesterday, and many songs from the Great American Songbook – just like we play at CJNU.

Agnes Brydon

I started work at McDonald’s Aircraft in 1952(which is now Magellan) and Agnes-Brydonworked for 6 years as what was then called “Stenographer / Secretary” in the Planning Dept.

In October of 1959, a girlfriend and I decided to add some excitement to our lives by moving to Toronto. I was employed with James Richardson. In 1963, my husband was transferred to Toronto with the company he was working with. As I was pregnant at the time, that sort of ended my working career for a few years.

While raising my three children, I would type thesis for friends. We started our own construction business in 1974 and I went to work with my husband.

In 1982, I went to work as Manager for 13 charitable organizations who formed Keystone Assoc. of Charities to operate a bingo hall. When the government took over the bingo halls, I was employed by the Manitoba Lotteries for the next 20 years where I looked over proceeds to the charities, sports groups, etc., who worked at the bingo events to raise money for their organizations.

I have been totally immersed in the Scottish community for approx. 45 years which included volunteering for the highland dancing, pipe bands, etc., that my children were involved in. I still dance with Royal Scottish Country Dancers. I am the recording secretary for RSCDS & I have been in the Demonstration team for approx. 40 years performing during Folklorama at Mug Pub Pavilion, Scottish Pavilion and most recently, the United Kingdom Pavilion. I have served on many committees also.

I have been involved with CJNU for approx. 7 years where I produce the logs sheets used during live broadcasts; I arrange for keys from host sponsors when required and distribute them where required; I am on the Volunteer Committee. I also volunteer weekly for the phones as well as train prospective phone volunteers. I set phone and volunteer schedules as well as maintain contact with monthly sponsors wishing to be on air.

Brett Buckinghambrettbuckingham

I have been involved with radio since the early 80’s. First, working at CKRC from 1983-89. I have been with Nostalgia radio since 1995. I was one of the original founders of the current station CJNU. I hope that this station will continue to grow and be enjoyed by our listeners and members for years to come.

Lance Burdett

I found my way to CJNU after a 35 year career at Manitoba Hydro’s Lance-BurdettInformation Technology division. Prior to that, I had graduated from both the Electronic Technology and Computer Analyst Program courses at Red River College. My hobbies include electronics, computers, playing bass guitar, and running half-marathons. My wife Erin and I have two daughters and two grandchildren. Volunteering at CJNU had been a very good experience that allows me to give back to the community while learning new skills and meeting new people. I get great satisfaction seeing the public come up to the radio hosts and expressing their love of the music on CJNU.

Roger Currie

I have been a writer, broadcaster and storyteller on the CurriescornerCanadian prairies for more than 45 years, and I’m delighted that CJNU enables me to continue practising the crafts I enjoy so much. I was born and raised in Winnipeg, graduating from Kelvin High School and St. John’s College at the University of Manitoba.

I prepare a four-minute news and sports summary every weekday morning, and on Saturdays I host “Boomertown” along with Barry Bowman. I have a wonderful daughter, son-in-law and 10 year old grandson Andrew living in Winnipeg, and the greatest new joy in my life is a fabulous lady named Janice.

Tom Dercola

I grew up in the west end, listening to my parents’ big band records on 78s Tom-Dercolaon Minerva radio and record player, as well as new singing stars of the 50’s on kitchen radio.

I taught social studies and later English to grades 7-12 at St. James Collegiate for 38 years. Along the way, I took on responsibility for my three sons.

After retirement I started my volunteer career at Winnipeg Harvest filing orders before moving on to walking dogs for the Humane Society. In 2009, when CJNU was broadcasting from Harvest, I asked about being an announcer. I sat in with Dennis McVarish and played an hour of big bands tunes and the next month The Memories Show was born. I added that 50’s show a few years later and that turned into Malts Mustangs and Memories.

I ran for a board position on Garry Robertson’s urging and when Garry fell ill, I was asked to step into his shoes as Vice President. I took on organizing the sales force and eventually became one of the sales reps for the station. In 2015, I was elected President by the Board of Directors.

In my new position, I promote the station by attending community events, updating the CJNU Facebook page and being involved with all facets of the station’s operations.

Adam Glynn


I find myself in Winnipeg because of Jemma – originally my girlfriend, and now my wife! She “imported” me in October of 2013, just before the worst winter in a hundred years – even that didn’t dissuade me from staying! I started my broadcasting career at Radio Harrow in North-West London. It is volunteer-run, providing entertainment and public service announcements…sound familiar? For five years, I presented a variety of programs, read news bulletins, and for a time served on the board. Subsequently I worked with the BBC and some of Britain’s leading commercial stations, providing traffic news reports. Locally, I’ve also freelanced with the Canadian Traffic Network. My musical tastes are broad and eclectic – I favour the 60s era and have a great love of The Beatles. I also enjoy instrumental music, particularly film scores and television themes.

IMG_2750Chris Golden

It is a pleasure to be an Operator /Announcer volunteer with CJNU. This is my first foray into radio broadcasting, but far from the beginning of my interest in music.

During the late 60s and 70s in England I worked as a Mecca Organization contracted disc jockey in ballrooms, clubs, discotheques and at concerts. My last residency before emigrating to Canada was at the famous Concorde Club in Southampton.

I met and had the opportunity to work with many popular recording artistes and up and coming bands like Joe Loss, Kenny Ball, Georgie Fame, The Foundations and The Glitter Band, to name a few. I also twice hosted the BBC Radio One disc jockeys when their roadshow visited Southampton and Portsmouth.

Since starting with CJNU I have enjoyed playing some old British favourites for our listeners across the airwaves. While challenging, it has been fun to select my playlists from my own music library of 50,000 plus titles.

Dave Hargrave

I often say that I’m an electrician by trade, a music lover at heart.   I began my electrician apprenticeship in 1961, before becoming a Journeyman with the City of Winnipeg in 1969. I progressed through the ranks until 2000, when I retired as a foreman. In the mid-60s I began playing music at dances and socials, first for my own company and then with Garry Robertson Music.   Sharing a love for great recordings, I came to know Garry very well. When he and a few others decided to inaugurate nostalgia radio – the forerunners of CJNU – I contributed many songs from my own vast collection. I’m very pleased to have donated a large part of the CJNU music library – particular for the Cream of Country and Music Just for You programs. In the last two years, our station has benefitted greatly from contributions of CDs from the families of broadcasters and other loyal members of CJNU. I’ve gladly spent many hours at home transferring our “legacy” music to computer and preparing it for use on the air. The station has been a significant part of my life for almost a decade.

Susan Earl

Volunteering at CJNU is one of my many activities; I also enjoy quilting, Susan-Earlpainting, and reading. I love all genres of music – especially musicals of the 60s and 70s, and the singing of Dean Martin. I share my life with my partner Bryan and our cat Osca; I am a retired nurse, with 42 years experience in cancer, burn, and elder care. I have a master’s degree in health care administration and I’m a board member of The Firefighters Burn Fund. I’m happy to do my part in keeping “nostalgia” music alive. I’ve always been very committed to supporting our community, and I feel there’s no better way to demonstrate that then by being involved at CJNU radio.

Greg Gardner

I’ve been surrounded by music, records, and radio practically my whole life. However, unlike my father Cliff (CKX, CKRC, CJOB) or my younger brother Ford (CKY, 92 CITI), I preferred to perform music (I’m a drummer and percussionist,) rather than play it on the radio.

Until now…I’m still a musician, and working on many different projects, but at CJNU I’ve discovered I have a bit of the ol’ “radio bug” in me after all.

My first foray into radio was in the 1950’s, on CKRC’s “The Blue Boy Show” (sponsored by the popular ice cream.) I was six years old and I played the Blue Boy. A few years later, my brother Ford joined the show as Pint Size.   Today, there are countless ways in which music bombards us: in stores and malls. TV commercials, on the internet, or from thumping cars next to you in traffic.   I prefer creating radio shows where the listeners deliberately seek you out, and there’s a more personal rapport between the on-air host and the audience. Many of the folks at CJNU seem like old friends, because I first met them through my dad at radio stations, media events, and social gatherings.   In those days, I loved Gene Vincent and The Ventures, The Beatles and The Stones – my father would shrug his shoulders in the same way I did at Nat King Cole, Sinatra and Nelson Riddle. Years later, dad was back on the air again, playing The Doors, John Lennon and The Guess Who – and liking them! Meanwhile I was digging out his Duke Ellington, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Julie London records. We both benefited from broadening our interest in different kinds of music.   I feel fortunate being associated with all the members at CJNU, from the veteran voices of yesteryear to those who are new to broadcasting. Our common bond is a passion for the classic music that is the soundtrack of our nostalgic memories.

Larry Updike

Larry has been performing in public since he was 10-years-old. It is all he has ever known. As a boy he sang and played to audiences all over southern Ontario as part of a family singing ensemble.LarryUpdike

Larry leapt through high school, finished theological training and was an ordained minister by the age of 21. His radio career began as a means to supplement his income at a small parish but it quickly became his full time career. By the early ’80s he was becoming well known in rock radio in Winnipeg as part of the legendary “Tom and Larry Show”.

In 1995, Larry went to news-talk station CJOB/68 where he created an evening talk show, hosted the drive home show and finally moved to “The CJOB Morning Show” where he remained for a decade. In the autumn of 2009 Larry was inducted into the Manitoba Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame.

While continuing to build on his profession, Larry went back to school and finished a Theology degree at the University of Winnipeg in 1986. Subsequently he proceeded to undertake and complete a second degree in Philosophy. Larry won the university’s “Plato Prize” during his later course of studies and in 2010 was given the honour of Distinguished Alumni.

Larry has been an advocate for the less fortunate during his career. He was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal for his work with the War Amps and has been an advocate for individuals with autism ever since his son Gordon’s diagnosis in 1994. From September 2009 until August 2010 Larry worked as a spokesperson for Siloam Mission, advocating on behalf of those experiencing poverty and homelessness.

In his spare time, Larry enjoys time with his family and still plays guitar and sings with his Nostalgic-Country tribute band, The B-Side Apostles.  You can contact Larry on his Facebook page.

Macaulay Kalyn

My name is Macaulay Kalyn; I am eighteen years young and a volunteer operator/announcer for CJNU Nostalgia Radio. I first got into CJNU after graduating from Kildonan East Collegiate in June 2015. I then began training as an operator in the summer of 2015, working alongside CJNU announcer Ernie Nairn who helped me become the broadcaster I am now. From great music to great people, I am proud to consider CJNU as another family. It is amazing what I and the members at CJNU do each day, and I hope to be a part of CJNU and continue sharing my passion of great music.

Lorne Kearns

I was born in Montreal and lived there for the first 40 years of my life. I majored in economics at Loyola College, and in 1956 I joined the CN marketing department. After bouncing around to several locations I was transferred in Winnipeg in 1983.   Starting in 1996 I spent the next seven years managing The Farm Business Centre at The Canadian Wheat Board. After retirement I did a fair bit of volunteer work, finally landing at CJNU; I started out answering the phones and taking song requests. I married my late spouse Geraldine in 1963; it was a marriage that produced two beautiful daughters, and I now have two great sons-in-law and four fabulous grand-children. My interests are varied; I coached minor spots for years, did a little amateur theatre and was Vice Chair of The Baldwin-Cartier School Board in Montreal. I have only one regret – giving up piano to play in the NHL (we all know how that turned out.) My real passion, though, has always been music – it always played a significant part in our family life. While my musical tastes are eclectic, I favor the big band era. I’m so grateful to CJNU for giving me the opportunity to share great music with such a wonderful and loyal listening audience.

Josette Luckowycz

I’m originally from Bissett, Manitoba; like many people then, my family Josette-Lukowyczdid not have television growing up…but we did have radio. My fondest memories are of spending many hours listening to the radio, acting out the songs and being totally enraptured by stories read “just to me” by the voice over the airwaves. In other words, the radio truly was a “friend.”   I earned my degree in social work in 1975 and worked in the field until my retirement in 2009 – it was an extremely rewarding career. I continue to be involved in my hometown; I’m the membership chairperson for the Bissett & Area Historical Society and a member of the Hearing Panel for the Vulnerable Persons Commission of Manitoba. I’m also very pleased to be part of the CJNU family – I serve as the Volunteer Committee Chairperson. In all the best ways CJNU allows me to bring together my favorite memories, interests and skills. I thank my husband Neil for being the one who suggested I listen to this radio station “that plays the kind of music you like.”

Don Milne

I got together with music when I was very young. My grandfather, an old-time Don-Milnefiddler, influenced me so much I took violin lessons for seven years. I also played banjo and guitar to accompany my singing, and for several decades I performed on television and radio; also in clubs, lounges, and restaurants – engagements on cruise ships took me all over the world. I’m happy to be more settled now, and playing great nostalgia music as an announcer on CJNU.

Carol Nowell

I have spent my whole life enjoying music. As a little girl, I sang on the sound track of a puppet Carol Nowell - Copy(1)show of Peter Pan. I joined in all the school choirs I could, as well as Winnipeg Girls Choir. At Kelvin High School, I took lead roles in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas ‘The Goldoliers’ and ’Yeoman of the Guard’. Right out of High School, I was asked to join the Neil Harris Singers on ‘Swingalong’. This association with the Neil Harris Singers continued for 40 years, including 13 years at the Hollow Mug. I sang on CBC’s Hymn Sing and performed with the Manitoba Opera Chorus for 15 years.

I was part of a company called “A La Carte Productions” which wrote and produced banquet and convention entertainment. This led me to arts administration. I managed the Winnipeg Singers and the Winnipeg Philharmonic Choir, where I enjoyed planning concerts and taking the choirs on tours to Germany, Austria, Toronto and New York.

For fifteen years I was Executive Assistant to the President of the Business Council of Manitoba, and managed the Aboriginal Award Program, helping Aboriginal students attend university and community college.

Now, I am enjoying putting together shows for CJNU with my husband Jim, and sharing my love of music with our sons, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren.

JIM NOWELL – CJNU Announcer/Operator

I came from a musical family. My Dad played piano, entertaining us withuntitled copy music that spanned the decades. My aunt was an organist and ran a music store. My sister, Mary, sang on CBC TV in the 60’s and 70’s. I married into a musical family as well. I spent many hours attending rehearsals and performances at the CBC and at the Hollow Mug where my wife Carol sang. Carol has performed with numerous choirs and the Manitoba Opera Association. Needless to say, I heard lots of great music. CJNU is my first experience in front of the microphone thanks to Don Milne who invited me to the studio. I am enjoying the opportunity to select and play some of my favorites on 93.7 FM. Carol and I have recently teamed up and she announces while I operate the controls.

Carol and I have two sons, John and Glen. We are proud grandparents and enjoy opportunities to be with our three grandchildren. All enjoy music.

I worked for 34 years in the Winnipeg School Division, in elementary, junior high and high school. The last 11 years were as a Teacher-Librarian. I have drawn on my flying experience to provide half-day flight workshops for Grade 6 students after I retired.

I have had a lifelong interest in steam powered equipment. I operate steam traction engines and locomotives and instruct in steam schools in the United States and in Manitoba. My book, Steam Traction Engineer’s Checklist, is used by a number of steam schools. I am past president of the Steam Association of Manitoba. You will often find me at the Prairie Dog Central Railway maintaining Steam Locomotive #3.

John Panting

I have been a broadcast operator for almost seven years, starting from when nostalgia John-Pantingradio was at 107.9 FM. I’m a big fan of the tunes from yesteryear, and spend most of my time in the 3-6 p.m. slot on Saturdays, with Scott Best or on my own. I’ve spent40 years in the transportation business and am still working full-time as an operations manager in the bus industry. I completed a broadcasting course after high school, but the lure of the open road was stronger. I’ve been married over 41 years to my lovely wife Wendy, who also volunteers at CJNU from time to time. The diversity of our station’s music is what I really enjoy, plus hanging out with people with similar interests in nostalgia radio.

Jim Pappas

Thanks to my friends Brett Buckingham and Ernie Nairn I am enjoying a wonderful Pappas Jimnew career on the radio. As one of my friends said “you have re-invented yourself”.

After more than forty years in the Fashion Industry and time spent with family at Kelekis Restaurant this is the most exciting and gratifying thing I have done. I have met so many wonderful new friends and had so many wonderful times with them through CJNU. This truly is a wonderful group of volunteers in every way.

My interests in the arts and music and entertainment have served me well on boards of such Winnipeg institutions as RMTC, Rainbow Stage and Dry Cold Productions. Having chaired both the 75th and the 100th anniversary of Kelvin High School with my friend Richard Bracken brought me back in touch with many people from my past. So nostalgia plays a big part in my life as I treasure relationships from days at school and university.

I have always had a deep appreciation for music and in particular the music of Broadway and the movies and am an avid reader of books about those scenes. I love to watch TCM and adore black and white films too. I have always had a head for trivia and store lots on information about music, movies and Broadway.

What a fantastic opportunity to have to broadcast on CJNU Nostalgia radio. To share this love with the listeners is amazing and the response is terrific too.

Grant Patterson

I retired from a 36-year career as a teacher and principal a few years ago, Grant-Pattersonand signed on with CJNU in the fall of 2013.   As a youngster my father helped me build a crystal set, which I used to listen to distant radio stations late at night. In high school I salvaged an old TV antenna to pull in KYTN from the States. Easy listening music and radio have been part of my life from those early times. I started at CJNU as a weekly announcer, and am now a regular on-air host. I am part of a team working to rebuild the CJNU Legacy Library. I chair the Programming Committee and serve as coordinator of the Host Sponsorship program. I’m also a member of the CJNU Board, so the station keeps me busy! Serving listeners with the music we all love, and providing a platform for community radio allows me to contribute to the unique organization and experience that is CJNU.

Ken Porteous

I grew up in a musical household – mom and dad always had the radio on or Ken-Porteous(1)records playing on the old phonograph (yes, 78s) so the love of music was ingrained in me at an early age. I got a set of drums at 16 and played in various combos during the 1960s. I even considered going professional but broadcasting took me down another path. My best friend Rick Hallson worked at 58 CKY radio and I would drop in at the station to watch him work. He urged me to get in the business, so I took a broadcasting course and sent out demo tapes. In 1969 I landed an entry-level position at CFAR in Flin Flon, where I was an announcer, producer and newscaster….I also swept the floors! In 1972 I got the break of a lifetime; a friend at Toronto’s CHUM radio recommended me and I got a job as an all-night operator at the number one radio station in Canada. While there I got into the music programming end and learned even more about the business. In 1975 I moved back to Winnipeg to be Production Manager at CFRW/Q-94 FM. After a brief return to Toronto (and after my daughter was born) I came back to Winnipeg for good. Radio is a very transient business, so I worked for several stations with varying formats before retiring in 2005. Radio was still in my blood, though, so when CJNU got its permanent licence in 2013, I quickly joined in – first working the phones, then becoming an operator/announcer. The staff here is phenomenal and we all love “oldies” music.   We think our audience is the greatest – without their support, we wouldn’t have the wonderful sounds of nostalgia radio in Winnipeg.

Carolyn Sabourin

It’s the great music and community that brought Carolyn to Nostalgia Radio CJNU 12642924_10156674933260647_4578777934654993431_nFM. Carolyn has a history of working in commercial and community radio as well as a varied set of work experience in the music and entertainment industries. When she’s not working the sound boards at CJNU, or tapping her feet to her latest beat, Carolyn is click clacking away on her laptop and making phone calls running a web & media business.

One thing that people quickly get to know about Carolyn is that she likes frequent changes of scenery. An innate sense of adventure leads her into all kinds of tale worthy circumstances. Carolyn loves trains, planes and automobiles and dreams of living out her days as a traveller, painter, writer who sips lots of tea and goes to the hot springs every chance she can get with a packed tour bus in tow. She plays guitar, sings, writes and does a little dance too. Carolyn is a volunteer sound board operator at CJNU and is also their webmaster. She joined the station to be a part of the music and has stayed ever more because of the great community.

Paul RichlIMG_8593

I have a great love of music, and have been playing in bands for almost forty years. My aunt and uncle were involved in radio in Winnipeg for many years – so it seemed only natural that I would eventually wander into a studio!

Since starting at CJNU in February of 2016, I’ve learnt a great deal from some of the best in the business. As the station continues to grow, I look forward to playing more great music from our extensive library of classic songs.

Ross Thompson

I previously had a fulfilling career as a Fish and Wildlife Biologist with Ross-ThompsonManitoba Natural Resources. Latterly, I was a community and economic development specialist for the Province before retiring in 2003. I was Mayor of Stonewall, Manitoba for three years; during my tenure I chaired the town’s Community Round Table. Subsequently I became Manitoba’s Manager of Community and Northern Development, facilitating community planning in rural and northern communities. I also organized strategic planning sessions with communities and organizations across Manitoba and in Nunavut. I hold a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development from the University of Manitoba and was an instructor in facilitating and strategic planning at the University’s Planning School. I’m also a past-President of CJNU Nostalgia Radio. I still live in Stonewall with my wife Lynne and our cockapoo Molly. We enjoy the proximity of our three children and five grandchildren; in our spare time, we like campground hosting and RVing.

Joe Webb

My beginnings in radio aren’t quite the same as most who started in the business. I got my first taste of broadcasting during a work experience program in high school. Years later – at age 38 – I decided to return to school and took the radio/television course at Robertson College. I did my practicum at CKVN, which turned into my first job in radio. There were some rough moments at first, but I was tutored by some of the best announcers in broadcasting, including Murray Parker and Jim Coghill. There have been many technological changes and format variations through the years, but my love of the music remains the same. I enjoy being a part of CJNU very much, and I hope to be in the business for many years to come.

Don Willcox

Don-WillcoxI retired in March, 1998 after a 47-year career with the Hudson’s Bay Fur Trade Department / Northern Stores Dept and North West Company. Born in Saskatchewan, I was practically raised on country and gospel music. Later I became a big band and jazz enthusiast. After five years of volunteering with Edmonton’s Jazz City, I did production work for the Edmonton Jazz Society. In 1984 The Hudson’s Bay transferred me to Winnipeg, and I quickly became a part of the jazz scene here – first with the Winnipeg Jazz Society and then as a hospitality volunteer for 16 years with the Winnipeg Jazz Festival. My previous radio experience was in 1985 when I assisted with a jazz program that aired on a Selkirk FM station. A friend from Toastmasters got me involved with CJNU in 2008; I started first in public relations, then became a phone volunteer. I’ve been a producer since Oct 2009. My musical tastes and record collection include just about every kind of music except opera, hard rock and country after the 1990s.