Venture back with us as we travel  in time to the period when the family gathered around the radio to listen  as the world was being brought into their living rooms. It was a marvel in its time and thankfully many of those marvelous moments are preserved for other generations to enjoy. At CJNU we try to bring you the best of the best for your listening pleasure nightly on the Nostalgia station.


JACK BENNY ..  was on the air for 24 years and his comedy set a high water mark and was  imitated later by Jerry Seinfeld on TV.

The marvelous Jack Benny with his whole cast of characters explore his  life and times while living to age 39 , trying to pinch every penny and  fiddling with a violin that will not cooperate.

Jan 3    1 Formal Dinner For the Sponsor  1940  and    2 The Sponsor Likes Herbert Marshall 1941

Jan 10  1 Flash Benny, Football Coach 1938 and 2 He Fumbled the Ball 1941

Jan 17  1 George Jessel Tells Jack’s Life Story 1951 and 2 Jack and Mary Walk in the Easter Parade 1952

Jan 24 1 The 64 Dollar Question and 2 Guests Oscar Levant and Joe Besser  both 1943

Jan 31  1 USC UCLA Game 1952 and 2 Jack Listens to the Indy 500  1953


4 STAR THEATRE.. We are lucky to have access to one of the most popular radio shows ever: the LUX Radio Show. Broadcast for over 21 years they recorded over 900 episodes with various hosts and movie stars replaying roles they had played on the silver screen.

December 28 Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland  1950

Jan 4     Body and Soul with John Garfield, Jane Wyman 1948

Jan 11    Red River with John Wayne, Joanne Dru -1949

Jan 18   Green Dolphin Street with Lana Turner and Van Heflin 1949

Jan 25   The Stratton Story with James Stewart and June Allyson 1950


SAGEBRUSH THEATRE…come back  to the frontier of America where saloons, pistols and dancing girls were the order of the day. Legendary stories of the Wild West fill the air with hoof beats and thrills as we follow some of its greatest heroes.

December 29 Gunsmoke 1 Bottle Man and 2 Robin Hood    both 1955

Jan 5     Have Gun Will Travel  1 The Statue of San Sebastion and  2 The Silver Queen   both 1959

Jan 12   Have Gun Will Travel  1 In An Evil Time and  2 Blind Courage  both 1959

Jan 19   Have Gun Will Travel  1 Roped  and  2 Bitter Wine both 1959

Jan 26  Have Gun Will Travel  1 North Fork and  2  Homecoming both 1959


LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Nobody loves a good laugh as much as we do and every week we have our choice of some of the greatest comedians to ever step into a studio. Everything from bellylaughs to more gentle humor fills this spot on the dial.

December 30   Archie Andrews  1 Day at Camp with Archie Andrews  1946 and  2 A Good Night’s Sleep  1948

Jan 6  Our Miss Brooks     1 Audition Show and  2  First Show both 1948

Jan 13 Our Miss Brooks    1 Weekend at Crystal Lake and 2 Putting the Touch on Miss Brooks  both 1948

Jan 20 Our Miss Brooks   1 Clay City Football Game and  2 Connie the Work Horse  both 1948

Jan 27  Our Miss Brooks   1  Babysitting and  2 Connie is Model School Citizen, Magazine Article both 1948


BEYOND THE UNKNOWN…there are many stories that fill us this wonder and some with dread. Things we cannot explain that tell us that we may not be alone and stories of crime and passion that leave us with questions.

December 31 The Weird Circle  1) The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym and 2) Declared Insane   both 1943

Jan 7     Mysterious Traveller   1 House of Death and  2 Good Die Young both 1944

Jan 14   Mysterious Traveller   1 The Accusing Corpse with Philip Clarke and 2 Queen of the Cats  both 1944

Jan 21   Mysterious Traveller   1 They Who Sleep and 2 Charles Foster  both  1945

Jan 28  Mysterious Traveller   1 No-one on the Line and 2 Symphony of Death  both 1946


VIVA VARIETY… so many wonderful performers tried their hand at radio and we have the cream of the crop here. It may be a musical show or an anthology of stories that set the mind racing.

Jan 1 Sherlock Holmes     1 The Great Gondolfo and 2 Murder by Moonlight  both 1945

Jan 8 Sherlock Holmes     1 The Paradol Chamber and  2 The Case of the Leaping Ghost both1945

Jan 15 Sherlock Holmes   1 Colonel Warburton’s Madness and  2 The Case of the Out of Date Murder – 1945

Jan 22 Sherlock Holmes   1 The Eyes of Mr. Leyton and  2 The Problem of Thor Bridge both 1945

Jan 29 Sherlock Holmes   1 The Mystery of the Vanishing Elephant and  2 The Manor House Case both 1945