Your host is Ryan Osentowski

Join me Sunday to Thursday for a listen back to the great days of radio.

Venture back with me as I travel  in time to the period when the family gathered around the radio to listen as the world was being brought into their living rooms. It was a marvel in its time and thankfully many of those marvelous moments are preserved for other generations to enjoy. At CJNU we try to bring you the best of the best for your listening pleasure nightly on the Nostalgia station.


Sunday: Comedy Club

There’s nothing better than going to bed with a smile on your face. Get your week started off with a dose of humor from the likes of Jack Benny, Fibber McGee and Molly, The Life of Riley, Groucho Marx and many other mirth-makers from the golden age of radio comedy.

Sunday, Dec 3

Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy: “Guest Gene Tierney” 02/25/45

The Aldrich Family: “Homer Invites Himself” 06/11/42

Sunday, Dec 10

Burns and Allen: “Dating Advice” 10/04/45

Information, Please: “Guest Jan Strouther” 03/15/43

Sunday, Dec 17

Jack Benny: “Christmas Shopping” 12/08/46

Our Miss Brooks: “The Magic Christmas Tree” 12/25/49

Sunday, Dec 24

The Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: “Jack Benny Plays Santa” 12/19/48

Fibber McGee and Molly: “Listening to Christmas Carols” 12/22/42

Monday: Sage Brush Theater

Saddle up for adventures on the dusty plains of the American Old West. Ride with The Lone Ranger, Matt Dillon, Hopalong Cassidy and Paladin as they bring six gun justice to bandits and brawlers alike. Sarsaparilla not included.

Monday, Dec 4

Wild Bill Hickok: “Double Trouble” 11/12/52

Screen Directors Playhouse: “Yellow Sky” 07/15/49

Monday, Dec 11

Lux Radio Theater: “Destry Rides Again: 11/05/45

Monday, Dec 18

The Lone Ranger: “The Mission Bells” 12/24/47

Have Gun, Will Travel: “Hanging Cross” 12/21/58

Monday, Dec 25

Hopalong Cassidy: “The Santa Claus Rustlers” 03/15/52

Gunsmoke: “Christmas Story” 12/20/52

Tuesday: Crime Time

Hit the mean streets with cops, private eyes, federal agents, spies and even a man who can cloud men’s minds so they cannot see him. On CJNU, crime does not pay.

Tuesday, Dec 5

Nero Wolfe: “The Case of the Careless Cleaner” 11/17/50

Gang Busters: “The Case of the Appointment With Death” 12/18/49

Tuesday, Dec 12

Night Beat: “The Night is a Weapon” 02/13/50

Bulldog Drummond: “Death in the Deep” 06/16/48

Tuesday, Dec 19

Dragnet: “The Big Little Jesus” 12/22/53

Richard Diamond, Private Detective: “Diamond’s Christmas Carol” 12/24/49

Tuesday, Dec 26

This is Your FBI: “The Island Fugitive” 02/09/51

The Shadow: “Death Stalks the Shadow” 10/09/38

Wednesday: Four Star Theater

Revisit the golden age of Hollywood as a movie or book plays out before your very ears, courtesy of the Lux Radio Theater and other great theatrical institutions of the air.

Wednesday, Dec 6

Lux Radio Theater: “Break of Hearts” 09/11/44

Wednesday, Dec 13

NBC University Theater: “Alice in Wonderland” 12/26/48

Wednesday, Dec 20

Lux Radio Theater: “Miracle on 34th Street” 12/20/48

Wednesday, Dec 27

Lux Radio Theater: “Jezebel” 11/25/40

Thursday: Thriller Thursday

Prepare for the weekend with chills and shivers from the likes of Suspense, The Whistler, Inner Sanctum, X Minus One and more. No ghost, murderer or alien is too scary for us to tackle before Friday comes.

Thursday, Dec 7

Suspense: “Mission Completed” 12/07/49

The Hall of Fantasy: “The Dance of the Devil Dolls” 02/09/53

Thursday, Dec 14

The Chase: “Lucifer” 05/31/53

The Hermit’s Cave: “buried Alive” 1943

Thursday, Dec 21

Escape: “Back for Christmas” 12/24/47

Inner Sanctum: “Between Two Worlds: 12/20/48

Thursday, Dec 28

The Weird Circle: “Niche of Doom” 02/06/44

  1. Minus One: “The Old Die Rich” 07/17/56