Venture back with us as we travel  in time to the period when the family gathered around the radio to listen  as the world was being brought into their living rooms. It was a marvel in its time and thankfully many of those marvelous moments are preserved for other generations to enjoy. At CJNU we try to bring you the best of the best for your listening pleasure nightly on the Nostalgia station.


JACK BENNY ..  was on the air for 24 years and his comedy set a high water mark and was  imitated later by Jerry Seinfeld on TV.

The marvelous Jack Benny with his whole cast of characters explore his  life and times while living to age 39 , trying to pinch every penny and  fiddling with a violin that will not cooperate.

November 7      1) Jack Throws a Swimming Party at His House and   2)Dennis Dreams He Has a Radio Program  both 1944

November 14   1 ) Allen’s Alley  and 2 – Jack Gets Mad and Goes Home   both 1944

November 21   1 ) The Killers and 2) Ed Sullivan Gives Jack an Award  both  1946

November 28  1 ) The Horn Blows at Midnight and 2) Guest James Stewart  both  1949



SAGEBRUSH THEATRE…come back  to the frontier of America where saloons, pistols and dancing girls were the order of the day. Legendary stories of the Wild West fill the air with hoof beats and thrills as we follow some of its greatest heroes.

November 1   Six Shooter   1) Aunt Emma and 2) Crisis at Easter Creek    both  1954

November 8   Six Shooter   1) Anna Norquest and 2)Revenge at Harness Creek   both 1954

November 15 Six Shooter   1) The Shooting of Wyatt King  and 2)The Double Seven     both 1954

November 22 Six Shooter   1) Silver Threads and 2) Blood Relations  both 1954

November 29 Six Shooter1) When The Shoe Doesn’t Fit  and 2) Myra Parker   both 1954



BEYOND THE UNKNOWN…there are many stories that fill us this wonder and some with dread. Things we cannot explain that tell us that we may not be alone and stories of crime and passion that leave us with questions.

November 2    Dimension X   1) Requiem and 2) Nightfall  both  1951

November 9    Dimension X   1) Shanghaied   1950 and 2)The Last Objective  1951

November 16  Dragnet  1) The Big Man Part 1 and 2) The Big Man Part 2  1950

November 23  Dragnet  1) Big Girl and 2) Big Grifter  both 1950

November 30  Dragnet   1) Big Kill and 2) Big Thank You   both  1950



4 STAR THEATRE.. We are lucky to have access to one of the most popular radio shows ever: the LUX Radio Show. Broadcast for over 21 years they recorded over 900 episodes with various hosts and movie stars replaying roles they had played on the silver screen.

November 3  Lux Radio Theatre     Mr. Deeds Goes to Town with Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur   1939

November 10 Lux Radio Theatre   Stella Dallas with Barbara Stanwyck   1937

November 17 Lux Radio Theatre   Theodora Goes Wild with Irene Dunn and Cary Grant   1937

November 24 Lux Radio Theatre   After the Thin Man with William Powell and Myrna Loy    1940



LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Nobody loves a good laugh as much as we do and every week we have our choice of some of the greatest comedians to ever step into a studio. Everything from belly laughs to more gentle humor fills this spot on the dial.

November 4    Our Miss Brooks  1)Friday the Thirteenth  and 2) Peanuts, The Great Dane  both 1949

November 11  Our Miss Brooks 1) Why is Everybody Arguing? And 2)Key To The School   both 1949

November 18  Our Miss Brooks  1) Earning Vacation Money and 2)Wishing Well  both 1949

November 25  Our Miss Brooks  1) June Bride and 2) July 4th Weekend  both 1949



VIVA VARIETY… so many wonderful performers tried their hand at radio and we have the cream of the crop here. It may be a musical show or an anthology of stories that set the mind racing.

November 5   Philco Radio Show with Bing Crosby and Guest Jack Benny  1947

November 12  Philco Radio Show with Bing Crosby and  Guest Groucho Marx    1947

November 19 Philco Radio Show with Bing Crosby and Guest The Lone Ranger  1948

November 26 Philco Radio Show with Bing Crosby and Guest Esther Williams  1948