Venture back with us as we travel  in time to the period when the family gathered around the radio to listen  as the world was being brought into their living rooms. It was a marvel in its time and thankfully many of those marvelous moments are preserved for other generations to enjoy. At CJNU we try to bring you the best of the best for your listening pleasure nightly on the Nostalgia station.




JACK BENNY ..  was on the air for 24 years and his comedy set a high water mark and was  imitated later by Jerry Seinfeld on TV.


The marvelous Jack Benny with his whole cast of characters explore his  life and times while living to age 39 , trying to pinch every penny and  fiddling with a violin that will not cooperate.

May 31     1 – How Jack Met His Cast  2 – Mary Tells Don abut Jack’s Trip to Vegas   both 1950

JUNE 7    1 – Jack the Champ    2 – Guest Bob Hope   both 1950

JUNE 14  1 – Guest Al Jolson 2 – Jack Gives Away Fifty Cents    both 1950

JUNE 21  1 – Guest Frank Fontaine 2 – Violin Lesson   both 1950

JUNE 28  1 – Train Leaving on Track 5 Routine 2 – A Visit From the IRS   both 1951




4 STAR THEATRE..we are lucky to have access to one of the most popular radio shows ever: the LUX Radio Show. Broadcast for over 21 years they recorded over 900 episodes with various hosts and movie stars replaying roles they had played on the silver screen.

JUNE 1 “FIVE GRAVES TO CAIRO     Franchot Tone , Anne Baxter”  1943….

JUNE 8 “WAKE UP AND LIVE” 1 Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Maxwell    1944

JUNE 15 “THE PRIDE OF THE MARINES” John Garfield, Eleanor Parker 1945

JUNE 22 “NOBODY LIVES FOREVER” Jane Wyman, Ronald Reagan 1947

JUNE 29 “TREASURE OF SIERRA MADRE” Humphrey Bogart, Walter Huston 1949




SAGEBRUSH THEATRE…come back  to the frontier of America where saloons, pistols and dancing girls were the order of the day. Legendary stories of the Wild West fill the air with hoof beats and thrills as we follow some of its greatest heroes.

JUNE 2   Gunsmoke    1  Quarter Horse   2  Jayhawkers      both 1953

JUNE 9    Gunsmoke    1 Gonif      2  Bum’s Rush     both 1953

JUNE 16  Gunsmoke     1 The Soldier   2 Tacetta    both  1953

JUNE 23  Gunsmoke     1  The Big Con   2 -Print Asper   both 1953

JUNE 30    Frontier Gentleman   1  Powder River Kid    2  The Trial both  1958




LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Nobody loves a good laugh as much as we do and every week we have our choice of some of the greatest comedians to ever step into a studio. Everything from bellylaughs to more gentle humor fills this spot on the dial.

JUNE 3  Great Gildersleeve  1  Toothache  1942    2  Wanting to Marry Leila  1943

JUNE 10 Great Gildersleeve  1 Gildy Wants to Run for Mayor  1944   2 Weight Problems  1950

JUNE 17  Great Gildersleeve  1 Gildy Moves to Summerfield to Raise His Niece and Nephew

2 Birdie Arrives – The Cake      both 1941

JUNE 24 Great Gildersleeve    1 Leroy’s Paper Route    2 Marjorie’s Girlfriend Visits     both  1941




BEYOND THE UNKNOWN..there are many stories that fill us this wonder and some with dread. Things we cannot explain that tell us that we may not be alone and stories of crime and passion that leave us with questions.

JUNE 4   Haunting Hour   1  Destination Unknown    2 The Old, Old Man   both 1945

JUNE 11 Haunting Hour   1  A Corpse There Was     2 If The Shoe Fits   both 1945

JUNE 18 Haunting Hour   1 Breakdown     2  Case of the Lonesome Corpse   both 1945

JUNE 25 Haunting Hour   1  Hands of Mr. Smith   2 Homicide House  both 1945




VIVA VARIETY… so many wonderful performers tried their hand at radio and we have the cream of the crop here. It may be a musical show or an anthology of stories that set the mind racing.


JUNE 5    NERO WOLFE     1 – with Francis X Bushman “Shakespeare Folio”  1946

2 – with Sidney Greenstreet  “Stamped for Murder”  1950

JUNE 12 NERO WOLFE      with Sidney Greenstreet   1 “The Careworn Cuff”    2 “Dear Dead  Lady  both 1950

JUNE 19  NERO WOLFE     with Sidney Greenstreet  1 “Careless Cleaner”  2  “Beautiful Archer”   both 1950

JUNE 26 NERO WOLFE      with Sidney Greenstreet 1 “Friendly Rabbit”   2 “Impolite Corpse”  both 1950