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    CJNU is proud to work with The Winnipeg Foundation throughout the year - both as one of our Host Sponsors and as the sponsor of our newscasts. We are also excited to work with the Winnipeg Free Press and the Free Press Community Review, as part of a content-sharing partnership.

    Hear the news on CJNU every weekday morning at 7 and 8am and every afternoon at 4 and 5pm - powered in part by the Winnipeg Free Press and brought to you by The Winnipeg Foundation: your community foundation,
    For Good, Forever.

    Our news team consists of Ron Arnst, Scott Balneaves, Lance Burdett, Adam Glynn, Mark Havens, Wells Heinrichs, Sherrill Matthes, Garry Moir, Chris Reid, Raymond Sokalski, Frank Stecky, Bill Stewart and Patrick Stewart.

    We also present BBC Topline - 90 second news updates with a global perspective - at 7:30 and 8:30am on weekday mornings, as part of Breakfast with CJNU.

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