CJNU-FM is an incorporated non-profit cooperative. This means we do not issue shares. People become members of our co-op by paying a membership fee of $25 which is renewed annually in future years. Every member of Nostalgia Broadcasting Cooperative has one vote – all are equal.

Our cooperative, which has the primary purpose of operating CJNU Nostalgia Radio, is regulated by the Financial Institutions Regulation Branch of Manitoba Finance. We must operate within the terms of The Cooperatives Act and our own by-laws. Our members vote on the adoption of by-laws and any amendments thereto.

A summary of The Cooperatives Act is available for download in PDF format. The full version of The Cooperatives Act can be viewed on the Government of Manitoba website

As a community service cooperative we must give any surpluses not required for our ongoing operations to registered charities and/or other non-profit community service cooperatives. At our annual general meetings, our members elect a Board of Directors to manage our ongoing affairs. The Board is responsible to the members.

Nostalgia Broadcasting is a member of the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce.


CJNU Bylaws - effective April 24, 2018