CJNU is licenced by the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Comission (CRTC) to operate a community radio station at 93.7FM in Winnipeg. You can read our CRTC licence decision here. In addition to what is outlined in our licence decision, we must adhere to the CRTC's policy on community radio, which you can read here.

Our transmitter sits atop 55 Nassau - and we hold a permit from Industry Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) to operate our transmitter at 93.7FM with an effective radiated power of 460 watts.

CJNU pays music licencing fees on an annual basis to both SOCAN and CMRRA - ensuring the artists we play are compensated for their work.

CJNU is a proud member of the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA) - a national organization which advocates for the interests of Community and Campus licenced radio stations in Canada.

CJNU has historical roots in the west of Winnipeg - and remains a proud member of the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce.