the 2020-21 cjnu board of directors

Sue Barkman - Appt 2020

Gil Forrest - Elctd 2013

Aengus Kane - Elctd 2020

Lorne Kearns - Elctd 2020

Dwight MacAulay - Elctd 2019

David Northcott - Appt 2020

Jim Pappas - Elctd 2014

Grant Patterson - Appt 2020

Lawrence Prout - Elctd 2019
Vice Chair

Henry Shyka - Appt 2021

Stephane Teffaine - Elctd 2020

Jim Tomko - Elctd 2020

Brian Wolfe - Appt 2021

Dorothy Young - Appt 2020

CJNU is owned and operated by Nostalgia Broadcasting Cooperative Inc. (Nostalgia); a non-share issuing, not-for-profit, community service cooperative - incorporated in Manitoba under the Manitoba Cooperatives Act. A summary of The Cooperatives Act is available for download in PDF format. The full version of The Cooperatives Act can be viewed on the Government of Manitoba website. We report annually to the provincial government via the Companies Office.

Membership in Nostalgia costs $25 per year, and is open to all. There are three types of membership: individual, joint, or corporate. For each membership type there can be only one person designated to vote at any official meeting of the members. All votes carry the same weight.

Nostalgia is governed by a Board of Directors, elected each year by the members of the co-op, at the Annual General Meeting.

The Board holds the ultimate fiduciary responsibility for Nostalgia, and it is the Board, as a collective, that holds the CRTC issued licence for Nostalgia to legally operate CJNU as a community radio station.

Hiring of management staff for the organization is the responsibility of the Board, as is organizational policy and direction. Management, with the oversight of the Board, may hire and oversee other staff roles.

Staff, or committees of the Board, oversee the volunteer team that undertakes many of the day-to-day operations of CJNU.

In short: volunteers report to staff or Board committees; staff and committees report to the Board as a whole; and the Board is accountable to the membership of the Cooperative.

Board Committees are always chaired by a member of the Board. The present CJNU by-laws require Board Committees to have a minimum of three Board members - but a revision to this by-law to reduce the requirement to a minimum of one Board member, the Committee Chair, has been approved by the Board, subject to ratification by the membership at the 2021 AGM.

The organization abides by its by-laws, which were last revised and approved by the membership in 2018. A copy of the by-laws is available here.

Any changes to by-laws must be presented to the membership for review no later than 21 days before the Annual General Meeting.

Minutes of Board and Committee meetings are available to members of Nostalgia upon request. Please contact the Board Chair or Secretary.

committees of the board


Chair - Gil Forrest

Adam Glynn (ex-officio)
Lorne Kearns (ex-officio)
Bill Perlmutter
Lawrence Prout
Henry Shyka
Chris Stevens (ex-officio)
Jim Tomko (ex-officio)

Fundraising and Promotions (Including Pledge Drive)

Chair - Jim Pappas

Bruce Alpers
Agnes Brydon
Sheila Down
Susan Earl
Adam Glynn (ex-officio)
Gail Graham
Lorne Kearns (ex-officio)
Bev Smith
Chris Stevens (ex-officio)

Human Resources

Chair - Dorothy Young

Susan Earl
Lorne Kearns (ex-officio)

Marketing and Communications

Chair - Dwight MacAulay

Sue Barkman
Adam Glynn (ex-officio)
Lorne Kearns (ex-officio)
Lawrence Prout
Chris Stevens (ex-officio)
Leslie Stewart
Tanya Williams


Chair - Jim Pappas

Sheila Down
Lorne Kearns (ex-officio)

Nominating and Governance

Chair - Lawrence Prout

Susan Earl
Aengus Kane
Lorne Kearns (ex-officio)
Grant Patterson
John Perrin
Dorothy Young


Chair - Grant Patterson

Scott Best
Susan Earl (ex-officio)
Adam Glynn (ex-officio)
Susan Hamilton
Helen Harper
Lorne Kearns (ex-officio)
Jim Snell
Chris Stevens (ex-officio)
Jim Tomko
Stephane Teffaine


Chair - Stephane Teffaine

Scott Balneaves
Lance Burdett
Adam Glynn (ex-officio)
Mark Havens
Jean Loiselle