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A Winnipeg Slice shines a light on aspects of our community that may otherwise receive little or no media coverage, unearthing some of the hidden gems in our city, and telling untold stories.  All of this in two minutes or less!

The possibilities for what happens in those two minutes are almost endless – both in terms of style, and content – but as with everything on CJNU, we work hard to ‘Accentuate the Positive’, and share good news stories that the rest of the media landscape may overlook. As a not-for-profit broadcasting cooperative, with a mandate to serve the 50+ population in our city, we also look to tell stories which have a broad, intergenerational appeal.

Slices that have aired so far have such covered themes and topics as:

  • fundraisers or charitable events
  • raising awareness of different social, economic, and cultural issues affecting the city
  • exploring the initiatives shaping our city
  • reflecting on connections and relationships across the community
  • looking at the many unsung heroes doing great work every day in Winnipeg
  • talking to some of the local businesses that are growing and developing with our city

As you can see – A Winnipeg Slice is a delicious mix of content, served fresh on CJNU 93.7FM every weekday at 8:37 am, and 5:37 pm. Perhaps you’d like a taste?

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Want something covered in your community or want to be a citizen journalist for A Winnipeg Slice?

Email our Community News Coordinator Christina Hryniuk at [email protected]

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