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Want to Help CJNU? Donate Today

  • If applicable
  • We require your credit card billing address here
  • If you select a "Monthly" donation your Credit Card will be automatically charged every 30 days. Please email [email protected] if you wish for donations to be suspended.
  • Please specify your one-time or monthly donation amount here.
  • If you have donated more than $60, $125, $250 or $500, you are eligible for incentives! OR, if you have donated precisely $93.70, you are eligible for our exclusive Retro Radio Bluetooth Speaker! Please indicate below if you do NOT wish to receive any of the incentives you are eligible for.
  • If you have donated $250 or more, please let us know which charity or non-profit organization in our community you would like to support by 'Playing It Forward'
  • $ 0.00 CAD
  • American Express
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