These are unprecedented times. Here at YOUR radio station, that simply means we have to get a little creative.

We’ve been carefully watching the situation evolve – and to protect our volunteers in the coming days, much of our programming will be making the transition from being presented live from our studios to instead being produced remotely – in the kitchens, home-offices and rec-rooms of many of our broadcasters! Many of these programmes will still be presented live, thanks to the magic of radio… (and a little bit of help from the internet and some clever technology!)

As a result, the schedule may change a little, but the content won’t. Whatever happens, we are committed to doing what we do best: to play the greatest music of all time; and in spite of everything, ‘accentuate the positive’ and shine a light on the good happening in our community.

You can still get in touch with us – call us at 204-942-2568, press 1, and leave us a message if you have a request or dedication. Or send us a message using the form below!

It’s business as usual here at CJNU – In Tune with Our Community.

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