August 23rd was a very sad day at CJNU, when we heard of the unexpected passing of our dear friend and colleague Jim Tomko or as I referred to him, Country Gentleman Jim Tomko – for above all that’s what he was: a true Gentleman in every sense of the word.

Jim was what we call a Volunteer’s volunteer – always ready to pitch in wherever and whenever needed. He was the first one with his hand up. I don’t believe the word NO was in his vocabulary.

Personally, when I first started on air here at CJNU, Jim was my operator for the first couple of years. When my inexperience threw him a curve he always managed a seamless rescue, and with a smile no less. Any suggestion he would offer was never a criticism, but rather a hint as to how something could be better – and always in soft voice and with that Country Jim smile.

If I were to call to mind Jim, my first thoughts would be not Jim the broadcaster or operator it would be Jim the friend… as if there were such a thing as being loyal to a fault, that would be Jim. I am proud to have known and experienced his wit, wisdom, and warmth.

To Jim’s family and close friends and family, we offer our sincere condolences – knowing that despite the loss you can take comfort in many fond memories and having known his love.

And to Jim – on behalf of your CJNU family, we bid you a fiercely fond and deeply grateful farewell. Thanks for everything, Jim. We miss you.

Lorne Kearns, CJNU Board Chair – August 30th 2023

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